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Best Family Meal Delivery Services

Family cooking at home

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Cooking for 2 every day is hard enough, let alone when the headcount gets to 3, 4 or even more. Parents are busy people and coming up with new recipes every week can be a real challenge, especially when your kids decide to be picky eaters. Fortunately, meal delivery services can help families make dinner time fun and stress-free.

Too good to be true?

Nope. Most companies on the meal kit delivery business are dedicated to turning everyone into a gourmet chef with minimum effort. However, some are especially suitable for families thanks to their healthy kid-friendly dinners, small servings, and reduced prices.

Keep reading to find out which ones specifically cater to families’ needs and how can they help make dinnertime more fun for you and your loved ones.

Are Meal Deliveries Healthy for Families?

Family life requires great time management skills. You may often feel in a rush as you make sure that your young loved ones get fed, clothed, and schooled. Takeaways and ready meals can help take the pressure off but are not a permanent solution. How to make sure that large families eat healthy meals and everyone enjoys varied and tasty food?

Meal kits for large families are nothing like ordering food from the restaurant. Meal delivery providers are companies whose mission is to make cooking quick and easy. A subscription will allow you to receive a weekly box of fresh ingredients and instructions to cook delicious and varied recipes in your own kitchen. Most meal kit boxes do not contain already cooked meals, but there are exceptions.

Most meal kit services are passionate about providing families with healthy, organic ingredients at affordable prices whenever possible. Companies like Plated guarantee to only use meats free of hormones and antibiotics while others - such as SunBasket - only include organic and local ingredients in their boxes, as well as partnering with farmers and fishers who implement sustainable practices.

If your family has special dietary requirements, a little research will uncover specialized niche meal delivery services. All Freshly meals, for example, are 100% certified gluten-free and never contain peanuts.

What Are the Best Meal Kits for Families?

If you are thinking of using a meal delivery service for your family dinners, here are the things to look for:

Kid-friendly recipes. The best family meal kits will offer every week menus designed with children in mind. These will include reduced portions and most importantly, fun and healthy meals for kids. Check out HelloFresh, Plated, and SunBasket for family-friendly menus.

  • Budget-friendly prices. Families are expensive, and there is no reason why getting help with your meal prep should break the bank.
  • Convenience. Planning ahead is crucial when running a family. That is why services like HelloFresh, Plated, and Freshly allow you to choose the delivery day that suits you best.

What About Family Meals on a Budget?

Normally, meal kit prices go from $8 to $12 per serving. Delivery fees are usually between $6-$10. Of course, this can vary and it is possible to find cheaper meals (especially with companies that offer lunch options) and free delivery.

If you are on a budget, choosing the right provider can help you save on your weekly meal kit delivery. This goes beyond normal price comparison.

  • Check the delivery policy. Many providers apply delivery policies that will let you save money even though their price per serving is within the market average. HomeChef, for example, delivers orders over $45 for free, making it a great option for families buying several portions per week. Plated delivery is free for orders over $60, while Freshly will always deliver for free, no matter the size of your box.
  • Pay attention to special discounts. HelloFresh has one of the most competitive pricing policy on the market. Moreover, it often offers special discounts. Several companies — such as Freshly — also allow for promotional codes to first-time orders.

Make sure to check our meal boxes reviews to find thorough and clear information about each company’s pricing, delivery policy, and special offers.

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