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Best Gluten-free Meal Delivery Services

From bloating to full-on anaphylactic shock, there are many reasons why people avoid gluten. These gluten-free meal delivery service providers make your life easier and tastier.

Most Popular Choice
  • $80 off! That's $20 off your first four orders!
  • Easy-to-make gluten-free meals
  • Free delivery over $45

HomeChef offers recipes that are ready in less than 30 minutes. Gluten-free options available every week.

  • Choose between plenty of gluten-free snacks
  • Starting at less than $10 per serving
  • Local and organic ingredients whenever possible
  • Attention to gluten as well as other allergies
HomeChef image
  • 35$ off in the first order
  • First delivery free
  • Gluten-free meals ready in minutes

SunBasket focuses on varied menu choices and organic ingredients. Order your gluten-free meals now.

  • Organic, healthy ingredients
  • Vegetarian, keto, low-carb and other special dietary requirements are also served
  • Local gluten-free ingredients whenever possible
  • Never get bored with 18 weekly recipes
SunBasket image
  • Starts at less than $10 per meal
  • Healthy gluten-free meals ready in minutes
  • Free shipping

Veestro is the 100% vegan meal delivery service that makes eating plant-based and gluten-free fun and easy without breaking the bank.

  • Eat more fruits and veggies with no effort
  • Completely vegan
  • Over 96% of the ingredients are organic
  • Kosher, weight loss, soy-free, and high-protein meals available too
Veestro image
  • $90 off!
  • Gluten-free meals ready in under 30 minutes
  • Market leader

The most popular meal delivery service in the US offers delicious and affordable gluten-free meal boxes.

  • Gluten-free recipes that don't require expert cooking skills
  • Low-carb, family, vegetarian, quick, and other options available
  • 15 recipes every week
  • Affordable plans and special offers
HelloFresh image
  • $60 off your order
  • Certified gluten-free
  • Already cooked meals

Freshly meals only need three minutes in the microwave and are certified peanut and gluten-free

  • Most Freshly recipes are under 500 calories
  • List of 85 banned ingredients that Freshly promises to never use
  • The more meals you order, the cheaper the servings get
  • You can choose between 30+ dishes each week
Freshly image
  • Discount on first week + free shipping
  • Gluten-free frozen meals for weight loss
  • All meals are health-conscious

BistroMD is the complete meal delivery weight loss plan suitable for gluten-free eaters.

  • Gluten-free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • In-house dieticians
  • Heart-healthy, diabetes, menopause plans as well as gluten-free
BistroMD image
  • $80 off your first order + Free Shipping
  • Certified gluten-free and allergy-friendly
  • USDA-certified organic

GreenChef offers certified gluten-free recipes every week. Receive all you need for your gluten-free meals directly to your door.

  • Paleo, vegan, and keto options
  • Choose your favorite delivery day
  • Gluten-free meals ready in under 30 minutes
GreenChef image
  • Discount of $10 on 3 orders. Voucher: H10INF3DCSO
  • The most affordable gluten-free meal kit service on the market
  • Choose when to receive your gluten-free meal box

Unbeatable prices, easy gluten-free recipes, flexible delivery. What else do you need?

  • Gluten-free dinners ready in <30 minutes
  • Reduced packaging
  • Fresh seasonal veggies
  • One-pot recipes available
Dinnerly image
  • Discount of $20 on 4 orders. Voucher: H20INF4DECO
  • Free delivery
  • Gluten-free recipes from Martha Stewart’s kitchen

18,000 meals from Martha Stewart’s archive delivered straight to your door.

  • Gourmet gluten-free meals with 6-step recipes
  • Starts at $8.20 per meal
  • Free shipping
  • Top-quality ingredients for your gluten-free dinners
Martha & Marley Spoon image

What Is the Gluten-free Diet?

What is gluten? This substance found in cereal grains is what makes dough elastic — but it’s also the allergen causing celiac disease.

Gluten allergy symptoms vary and can be extremely severe: in the worst cases, a celiac person inadvertently ingesting gluten will require immediate medical attention.

However, symptoms such as bloating, irritable bowels and skin rushes may occur even in non-celiac subjects. In this case, a gluten intolerance is the probable cause. This is why more and more people are going gluten-free every day.

The gluten-free diet requires to avoid all grains containing gluten, including:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Triticale
  • Some types of oats

The increased popularity of the gluten-free diet has inspired restaurants and food producers to offer more gluten-free options.

However, as many as 1 out of 3 restaurants with gluten-free choices on their menu are reportedly lying, as they don’t actually follow best practices to avoid food contamination. This can have devastating effects on the health of patrons affected by celiac diseases.

What Is a Meal Kit Delivery?

Is it hard to find inspiration for new gluten-free recipes every week? Do you feel that grocery shopping takes up a lot of your time? Is spending 1+ hours in the kitchen every night just not suitable for your schedule? Meal kit deliveries seek to fix all of the above.

Meal delivery service companies strive to make sure that cooking delicious and healthy meals is fun and stress-free for everyone, from experienced cooks to amateurs. Imagine, every week, you will receive prepared meals delivered to your door including a box containing everything you need in order to prepare a gourmet meal in fast-food time:

  • Fresh ingredients
  • Spices
  • Easy-to-follow recipe cards
  • Nutritional information and wine pairing suggestions

All you have to do is order your favorite gluten-free recipes from the online menu, wait for the box of goodies and follow the instructions. The best part? Most dishes will be ready in under 30 minutes.

Are There Gluten-free Meal Boxes?

Yes! No more time wasted at the grocery store scanning through ingredient lists to find foods that agree with your condition: some meal delivery service providers promise to only put guaranteed gluten-free ingredients in their boxes while others — like GreenChef — always offer certified gluten-free foods in their weekly menu.

What about gluten-free diets for weight loss? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. BistroMD has designed a whole line of prepared meals that will help you lose weight while staying clear of gluten. As with all the best meal delivery services, you will receive your food on your doorstep.

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