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Best Keto Meal Delivery Services

Trying to eat clean and cut carbs but it’s hard to find variety? These meal kits include original keto recipes that agree with all palates and budgets.

Most Popular Choice
  • $80 off! That's $20 off your first four orders!
  • Easy-to-make keto meals
  • 5-minute healthy lunches available

HomeChef offers recipes that are ready in less than 30 minutes. Keto options available and local ingredients whenever possible.

  • Keto snack options available
  • Starting at less than $10 per serving
  • New easy keto recipes
HomeChef image
  • 35$ off in the first order
  • First delivery free
  • Keto meals ready in minutes

SunBasket focuses on varied menu choices and organic ingredients. Order your keto meals now.

  • Organic, healthy ingredients
  • A weekly choice of 18 delicious meals
  • Keto and other special dietary requirements are served
  • Local ingredients whenever possible
SunBasket image
Healthiest Choice
  • $80 off ($20 for 4 Weeks)
  • Nutritionally Balanced & Portion-Controlled Keto Meals for Weight-Loss
  • Chef-Prepared, Ready-to-Eat Meals

Diet-To-Go makes weight loss easy with healthy, keto ready-to-eat meals delivered fresh to your door weekly.

  • Ranked #1 for Taste by
  • Vegetarian, Keto, and Diabetic Plans Available
  • FREE Health Coaching with Every Meal Plan
  • No Commitment - Pause or Restart Anytime
Diet-to-Go image
  • $90 off!
  • Keto meals ready in under 30 minutes
  • Market leader

The most popular meal delivery service in the US offers delicious and affordable keto meal boxes.

  • Keto recipes that don't require expert cooking skills
  • Veggie, family, fit, quick, and other options available
  • 15 recipes every week
  • Affordable plans and special offers
HelloFresh image
  • $60 off your order
  • Certified gluten-free
  • Already cooked meals

Freshly meals only need three minutes in the microwave and are certified peanut and gluten-free

  • Most Freshly recipes are under 500 calories
  • List of 85 banned ingredients that Freshly promises to never use
  • The more meals you order, the cheaper the servings get
  • You can choose between 30+ dishes each week
Freshly image
  • $80 off ($20 for 4 Weeks)
  • Convenient & Delicious Keto Eating for Busy Lifestyles
  • Chef-Prepared, Ready to Eat Keto Meals, Delivered Fresh

Freshology has perfected the formula that makes keto eating for busy lifestyles possible– get fresh and healthy keto meals delivered to your door.

  • Nutritionally Packed & Portion-Controlled
  • 4 Delicious Menus & Over 500 Meal Choices
  • Vegetarian, No-Seafood, and Diabetic Plans Also Available
  • Flexible Delivery to Your Home, Office or Pick-Up Location
  • No Commitment - Pause or Restart Anytime
Freshology image
  • $80 off your first order + Free Shipping
  • Keto, paleo, gluten-free and vegan-friendly
  • USDA-certified organic

GreenChef is the meal delivery service that provides quality ingredients and keto recipes that are ready in minutes.

  • New keto recipes weekly
  • Suitable for allergies
  • Minimal equipment required: cook keto hassle-free
  • Certified gluten-free
GreenChef image

What Is the Keto Diet?

To put it simply, the keto or ketogenic diet is a dietary regime that pushes your body to burn fat rather than blood sugar.

That’s because keto meals are mostly low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat. In other words, your body has little carbs and blood sugars left to burn and instead uses your stored fat to create ketones — a special type of molecule that can act like “fuel.” Sounds fantastic, right?

If the weight loss and performance benefits of a keto diet are well proven, so is the fact that following a fully keto diet menu can be a struggle. How many more steak-and-salad meals can you manage? And exactly how many more keto egg recipes can you come up with?

This is where keto meal delivery service kit boxes come to the rescue.

What Is a Meal Kit Delivery?

Is it hard to find inspiration for new keto diet recipes every week? Do you feel that grocery shopping takes up a lot of your time? With a full-time job, do you feel that spending 1+ hours in the kitchen every night just doesn’t fit your schedule? Meal kit deliveries seek to fix all of the above.

Meal delivery service companies strive to make sure that cooking delicious and healthy meals is fun and stress-free for everyone, from experienced cooks to amateurs. Imagine, every week, you will receive prepared meals delivered to your door including a box containing everything you need in order to prepare a gourmet meal in fast-food time:

Fresh ingredients Spices Easy-to-follow recipe cards Nutritional information and wine pairing suggestions

All you have to do is order your favorite keto recipes from the online menu, wait for the box of goodies and follow the instructions. The best part? Most dishes will be ready in under 30 minutes.

Are Meal Boxes Keto?

Sure thing! If you are on a ketogenic diet and would like to receive weekly keto meals and even keto snacks to your home address, the best meal delivery service will be able to help.

The great news is that there are fully keto meal boxes out there — think of the SouthBeach diet, that was developed by cardiologist Dr. Agatston. In this case, you won’t have to worry about a thing: all recipes are designed to be keto.

Others — like GreenChef — offer whole menus entirely dedicated to keto eaters. Just choose the keto menu from the list and start browsing for your favorite meals.

Don’t rule out the others altogether, though! Less niche meal kit providers may not offer specifically keto diet plans, but always list their ingredients clearly and often, even use tags like “low-carb” and “keto-friendly”. It will be easy for you to pick and choose to create your perfect keto week delivery.

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