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SunBasket: Menu, Prices, and Quality

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Is eating organic and sustainable food important to you? SunBasket boxes make it easy and affordable. They contain USDA-certified organic ingredient and start at only $10.99 per serving.

Our favorite part? SunBasket offers a great variety of meal plans so that there is something for all palates. They offer options from vegetarian and vegan to paleo, gluten-free, pescatarian, Mediterranean .... you name it.

Keep reading to learn about their prices, menus, and delivery policies.


  • 35$ off in the first order
  • Organic, healthy ingredients
  • Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, diabetes-friendly options


  • Shipping fees
  • Delivery Monday to Thursday only
  • Does not deliver to AK, HI, and parts of ND, MT, and NM

Best for

  • Anyone who wants to eat healthy, organic food
  • Customers interested in green and sustainable practices
  • Anyone with strict dietary requirements

Only with SunBasket

SunBasket offers a choice of 2 meal plan options. The Classic menu plan allows you to choose between 18 recipes each week. You can stick with a pre-made menu (in case you are vegan, gluten-free, etc.) or decide to try to eat Lean & Clean on Monday and enjoy your favorite Mediterranean dinner on Friday. The classic menu provides you with 3 recipes for 2 or 4 people each week.

The Family menu plan is a cheaper option that includes more kid-friendly recipes. Customers on family menu plans enjoy a choice of 6 vegetarian or chef’s choice recipes each week. Portions are thought for a family of 4.

SunBasket delivers from Monday to Thursday depending on your location. Most US ZIP codes are served, excluding AK, HI, MT, and parts of ND and NM. The first delivery is free.

SunBasket also believes in giving back to society. Every week, Sun Basket donates about 1,000 pounds of food to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, the New Jersey Agricultural Society Farmers Against Hunger, and Hope Food Pantry of Monroe County.

How Does SunBasket Work?

Eating fresh and varied food with SunBasket is easy — just follow these simple steps to receive a prepared meal delivered to your door every week.

  1. Sign up. Enter your location and contact details, and you are ready to create your profile. Enter your dietary preferences and requirements and browse the impressive SunBasket menu.
  2. Choose your meals. You can pick your own recipes each week or select a set meal menu. You can change this at any time by clicking on “My menu”.
  3. Receive your box. Every week, you will find your box of goodness directly on your doorstep. The packaging is designed to keep your ingredients fresh even after they arrive, but it is advisable to refrigerate them as soon as possible. SunBasket is aware of the environmental impact of meal kit delivery services and is committed to sustainable practices. The packaging is entirely recyclable and compostable. Moreover, the partner fishermen and farmers practice sustainable methods such as low-impact fishing, crop rotation, and water efficiency.
  4. Prepare mouthwatering meals. SunBasket provides almost everything required to cook its gourmet recipes. All you need to have in your kitchen is basic pans and pots, a good knife, a spoon, oil, salt, and pepper. Most dishes will be ready in under 30 minutes.

Types of Menus

  • Chef’s choice. If you want to try all the best recipes, let the Executive Chef hand-pick seasonal ingredients, top-quality seafood, and meats for balanced meals between 500-800 calories.

  • Paleo. Finding a Paleo meal delivery service is hard, but your search is over. SunBasket promises clean proteins and fresh veggies, with no dairy, gluten, grains or soy in sight. Remember that all of SunBasket’s meats are hormone and antibiotic-free.

  • Lean & Clean. For those who want to keep their calorie intake under control, the Lean & Clean menu is the best option. All meals are under 550 calories per serving and include 20 grams of protein and at least 5 grams of fiber. No added sugar, soy, gluten or dairy.

  • Gluten-free. Going gluten-free helps many people eat less processed food, manage their weight and feel less bloated. SunBasket keeps the fun in and leaves the research and shopping out of your busy life. Please note that gluten-free menus are prepared in the same establishment that handles glutinous food. This means that SunBasket may not be the right choice if you have been diagnosed with severe celiac disease.

  • Vegetarian. Whether you do it for the animals or just want to maximize your veggie intake, these delicious meatless recipes inspired by global cuisine are for you. Added bonus: vegetables and eggs are 100% organic and come from the best farms.

  • Vegan. Going vegan can be hard as you have to learn about new ingredients and recipes to keep a balanced diet. SunBasket will do all the heavy work and you will enjoy creative and delicious vegan meals every week.

  • Pescatarian. If you want to cut out meat and enjoy organic veggie goodness without giving up on the health benefits of seafood, this is the choice for you.

  • Mediterranean. Not only it is one of the most delicious cuisines in the world, but the Mediterranean diet has been proven to be extremely healthy and promote overall wellbeing. It is not by chance that Mediterranean eaters are among the longest-living people in the world.

  • Diabetes-friendly. Living with diabetes can be hard but SunBasket makes the diet part easier. All servings are under 700 calories, with a reduced amount of carbs and sodium, and less than 10% of calories from sugar. This menu has been approved by the American Diabetes Association.

  • Quick & Easy. Some weeks are too much work and not enough joy on the table. The Quick & Easy menu makes sure those weeks are over and offers you delicious recipes that are ready in a heartbeat.

What People Say About SunBasket

I chose SunBasket because they really care about the environment: organic food and recyclable packaging should be the market standard nowadays.
Siobhan Richmond, CA
love that they are diabetes-friendly meals. Making diabetes diet fun used to be a challenge, but now every meal is different.
Ruben Green Bay, WI
SunBasket boxes are this mix between takeout and homecooked food. They are convenient like a ready meal, but the wholesome ingredients make you healthier. I’m never looking back!
Julie League City, TX

SunBasket Pricing

SunBasket’s two meal plan options help keep things simple. Shipping is free on the first order and then charged at $6.99.

SunBasket costs a few dollars more than the average meal kit delivery services, but guarantees 100% organic ingredients and sustainable practices.

Meal Type Price per Serving
Classic menu $11.99
Family menu $10.99

Customer Support

You can find comprehensive and helpful information on SunBasket’s website on their FAQ page and blog. If your question has not been answered, you can contact the customer service team by filling the dedicated online contact form or calling 855-204-7597.

Office hours are:

  • Mon-Fri 6 am to 6 pm PT.
  • Sat-Sun 9 am to 5 pm PT.


SunBasket offers one of the largest menus on the market, with an incredible choice of meals to accommodate every palate and dietary requirement. We are also impressed by its eye for healthy eating and top-quality local ingredients. If you want to keep meal prep simple and easy without compromising on quality and options, this is the meal kit for you.

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