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The Best Meal Delivery Services for Weight Loss

Lose weight by taking control of your calorie intake and only using top-quality, healthy ingredients. Enjoy varied and delicious recipes every day and become the better version of yourself — choose your menu now!

Most popular choice
  • $80 off ($20 for 4 Weeks)
  • Nutritionally Balanced & Portion-Controlled for Weight-Loss
  • FREE Health Coaching with Every Meal Plan

Diet-To-Go makes weight loss easy with healthy, ready-to-eat meals delivered fresh to your door weekly.

  • 4 Delicious Menus, Over 500 Meal Choices
  • Chef-Prepared, Ready-to-Eat Meals
  • Ranked #1 for Taste by
  • Vegetarian, Keto, and Diabetic Plans Available
  • No Commitment - Pause or Restart Anytime
Diet-to-Go image
  • Personalized diet plans
  • Diabetes, weight-loss, and veggie-friendly
  • Chef-created ready meals

Lose weight fast without giving up on taste with Nutrisystem.

  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Guides, eating tips, and expert advice
  • Free mobile app
  • More than 150 menu items
Nutrisystem image
  • Low-calorie meals ready in minutes
  • Organic, healthy ingredients
  • A weekly choice of 18 delicious meals

SunBasket focuses on varied menu choices and organic ingredients. Make weigh tloss tasty now.

  • Low-carb, keto, vegetarian and other special dietary requirements are served
  • First delivery free
  • Local ingredients whenever possible
  • 35$ off in the first order
SunBasket image
  • $30 off first order + $10 off the second
  • Diet and allergen-friendly
  • Local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

HomeChef offers recipes that are easy to make and diet-friendly, using local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

  • Snack options available
  • Starting at less than $10 per serving
  • 5-minute healthy lunches available
  • Varied menu: lose weight, not taste
HomeChef image
  • 25% off + free shipping
  • Frozen meals for weight loss
  • Highly health-conscious

BistroMD is the complete meal delivery plan for people who want to lose weight and adopt a healthy diet.

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks focused on weight loss
  • In-house dieticians
  • Heart-healthy, diabetes, gluten-free, menopause plans
  • Gender-specific diets
BistroMD image
  • $80 off!
  • Low-calorie meals ready in under 30 minutes
  • Market leader

The most popular meal delivery service in the US offers delicious and affordable boxes for weight loss.

  • Light recipes that don't require expert cooking skills
  • Veggie, family, paleo, quick, and other options available
  • 15 recipes every week
  • Affordable plans and special offers
HelloFresh image

What Is the Best Meal Delivery Service for Weight Loss?

Most home delivery meal plans include healthy and diet-friendly options. Depending on what your weight loss strategy is, the best weight loss meal delivery programs will be able to accommodate your needs. We’ve done all the detective work for you and found the best meal delivery services for weight loss so you only have to focus on your weight goal.

  • Low-calorie. This is a popular menu on most meal kit providers. HelloFresh, and HomeChef all offer menus with reduced calories (usually under 650 kcal), while Freshly designed a plan that guarantees less than 35g carbs per serving. These simple measures make it easy to keep track of what you eat.

  • Diet-friendly. If you have chosen a pre-made diet plan that works for your body type and taste, you may want to look for specialized meal kits that allow you to stick with your choice. Many providers have designed menus that agree with paleo and keto diets, in addition to their vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian options.

  • Menus with your health in mind. If you know that specific foods can sabotage your weight loss efforts or cause intolerance, a meal provider that clearly states ingredients or — even better — excludes the main allergens from its menu is the right choice for you. Think certified gluten-free, and providers who offer soy-free and dairy-free choices, for example.

  • Diet meal delivery. Although they are rarer, some meal providers focus primarily on weight loss. Among these, we suggest BistroMD, a group of doctors, registered dieticians, and chefs that work together to produce customized weight loss meal plans. From gender-specific diets to gluten-free and menopause-friendly programs, there is a BistroMD meal for everyone. Meals are already cooked and will be ready in under 5 minutes.

If you’d like to find out more about meal providers and how each can help you lose weight, make sure to read our in-depth meal delivery service reviews.

What Is a Meal Kit Delivery?

Is it hard to find inspiration for new diet recipes every week? Do you feel that grocery shopping takes up a lot of your time? Is spending 1+ hours in the kitchen every night just not suitable for your schedule? Meal kit deliveries seek to fix all of the above.

Meal kit delivery companies strive to make sure that cooking delicious and healthy meals is fun and stress-free for everyone, from experienced cooks to amateurs. Imagine, every week, you will receive prepared meals delivered to your door including a box containing everything you need in order to prepare a gourmet meal in fast-food time:

  • Fresh ingredients
  • Spices
  • Easy-to-follow recipe cards
  • Nutritional information and wine pairing suggestions

All you have to do is order your favorite recipes from the online menu, wait for the box of goodies and follow the instructions. The best part? Most dishes will be ready in under 30 minutes.

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